Muslim Youth Society Katukele - Kandy

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Dry Ration Distribution - 2013

The ****MYSK Sri Lanka***** successfully completed the distribution of ***50 packs**** of dry ration which included essential food items among ****50***** needy families. This distribution took place in *** Kandy***** on the ***** 5th of December 2013******.


Three-wheeler Distribution

In the intention of lending a helping hand to the needy in the *** central province** MYSK SL** , took a major leap by distributing three- wheelers. *** 8**** three wheelers worth of *** LKR ######### ****  were distributed on the ** 10th September 2012*** .


School Stationery Distribution - Usmaniya College - Jaffna

Usmaniya College situated in the northern province, is one of the most deprived schools in the region. Distributing stationery to much needy school of this nature is one of the most significant projects that took place in ********2013*************. ******MYSK SL************* donated stationery items such as **** books etc***** for the betterment of the school and its students. 


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Sewing Machine Distribution

The ***MYSK SL*** takes pride in stating the project carried out on behalf of the women in the *** CENTRAL PROVINCE***. Distribution of **10*** sewing machines was done with the intention of not only uplifting the livelihood of these families but also to boost the moral of the striving women. The project took place on the *20th of April 2011*.


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